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Patches and Music
Here I plan to create a section of patches from all styles of music, so if you have any you might others should be able to test them, just email me your files.

Regarding the E-Pianos and Organs, I strongly recommend to get the "Keyboards of the 60ies and 70ies" expansion card since the built-in sounds are not really convincing if you like the Rhodes, Wurlitzer, B3, Vox Organs etc.

In general, the expansion boards really enlarge the set of sounds you might want to play so it is really worth considering buying one or two. An overview on the list of patches etc. can be found on Roland's website or here. Since the SR-JV80-XX series is not anymore produced nor compatible to the newer synths, there is only a limited offer in the market. This explains the still relatively high prices of around 100-120 EUR/USD per board. On the other hand, the re-sale price will also be high so you can see it as a good investment!

All Patches are zipped syx-Files or Midi-Files (useful software can be found in the Downloads-Section). To use the MIDI-Files, just click right on "Save target as", extract them, load them into a sequencer and play them once with the output routed to your XP-30. They all require only the basic waveforms and hence should work also on other XP/JV-series boards (However, I hav not tried!).

NEW!! Here you found dozens of patches sorted in sections (including Synths, Pianos, Organs, Rock, Electronic,...) - some really good ones:

My favorite patches in the "classic" Piano / Organ department:

Some good Piano Patches (all sysex-files)

Giant Piano (very bright, excellent to use LIVE, my favorite piano)
Bright Piano
Warm Piano

Electric Pianos (without Expansion Cards needed)

Wurlitzer (midi)
FenderRhodes (midi)


B3 (midi)