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Roland XP/JV Series Links, esp. XP-30 related stuff

Roland Corporation         the official ROLAND site

RolandClan Forum XP/JV Series Most active Community around Roland Keyboards

ROLAND ZONE       Very extensive List of commented Links on the XP/JV family RECOMMENDED!!!       newsgroup on Roland Keyboards
The Roland XP/JV-Files      65 Hints to get better results from your XP. RECOMMENDED!!!
ChangeIt!        the best Program to use your XP/JV with the PC
delollis      some good patches to download
Edirol Corporation       Edirol produces drivers for ROLAND products
Emagic - Download     Updates and files for Sounddiver Users
Harmony Central® Keyboard and Synth Resources    famous Synth Page    good starting point with good FAQs, Patches and more
JV-XP synths - Overview    Overview over all Synths and their specifications
Li'l Chips Systems    Roland XV-5080 Synthesizer Brochures and Manuals, Images, OS...
Roland SR-JV80 Expansion Boards   Patch- and waveform lists of all expansion boards
Roland XP-30 @    data and reviews of the XP-30    good overview site
Sound Patches     good patches
THE FIRST ROLAND JV1080-XP50 SYNTH PAGE     mainly about the XP-50/JV1080
The JV-XP Patch Site    one of the first sites

Some general sites on electronic music making

Harmony Central        IMHO the BEST Site on Music on the net
SYNTHZONE        Very extensive knowledge for synth players
(( HOMERECORDING.DE )) One great starting point for German musicians         very useful overview on Plugins (VST, VSTi, DX and others)
MEMI          THE Site on music for German folks        Pretty good German site on electronic music making
C.Kurtz- MIDI-FAQ         All you ever wanted to know about the MIDI Standard
Audio Cables      Need a cable or want to know how they are connected? Here you are!         Many hints for Cubase SX
Timos Cubase World         Nice and useful site about Cubase

Lyrics, Chords, Leadsheets

Lyricsarchiv         Best Archive for Chords of actual music         finds everything you can imagine in Latin Music